Delicious Grilled Cabbage

5 Dec

Cabbage is a very delicious, yet under utilized vegetable in our opinion!  Here is a simple recipe for grilling cabbage – if you don’t have a grill see the saute instructions below instead.

Grilled Cabbage
Cut a head of cabbage in half and remove the core.
Slice the cabbage halves into strips (from top to bottom) and place on a large piece of foil.
Drizzle the cabbage with olive oil and season with Salt, Pepper & Granulated Garlic.
Toss the cabbage to coat with the oil and seasoning and place on a hot grill over direct heat.
Cook the cabbage until it begins to brown and wilt (mix it occasionally) and then wrap it in the foil and continue to cook it over indirect heat while your protein or other dishes finish.  If you have no other dishes, simply cook the cabbage over direct heat until it is done.

Cabbage just placed on the grill...

Onions & Carrots are a nice addition to this side dish. Try cutting the onion into wedges and the carrot into thick slices.

Sauteed Cabbage

Cut the cabbage into strips as described above.
Dice a yellow onio

n and saute with olive oil, salt and pepper in a large pan over medium heat.
When the onions become translucent, add the strips of cabbage and mix well to coat the cabbage in oil.  You may need to add more oil; a small pad of butter will add great flavor as well.
Season the cabbage with salt, pepper and add some cayenne pepper if you like some spice.
Stir occasionally and cook until the cabbage is wilted but still has some crunch.

Then Eat It… You’ll Like It!


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